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Head shots that communicate

head shots

enough with the selfies – professional head shots that are necessary and valuable for all your internet needs – social media and website “about” pages. they are also useful for professional images – Realtor, business and professional pages.

busy? – I come to you. my portable studio is compact and sets up in 10 minutes. plus, you’ll feel more comfortable in your own home, office or other familiar environment and that means better images.

approximately 45 minutes, at your locations, for $300. I’ll give you 3 images of your choice to use any way you choose. and, I’ll ensure that they are the right type files for all your internet uses.

Dress for success

  • know your target market and dress accordingly


  • I’ll provide a neutral background that will work with any presentation, or we can use a natural environment – your choice.

Color strategy

  • Go with white, navy and gray as they are universally professional and accepted. also, avoid patterns and stripes.


  • Sure, but not too much


  • tilt your chin and push your face forward. I’ll help with your best poise and ensure that glasses etc., look natural.
  • You’ll stand straight with one shoulder angled away from the camera and your head slightly tilted. don’t worry, this will all come together.
  • I’ll ensure you look natural and professional.

Bottom line

  • relax and enjoy the shoot
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